Fat traps couples can resist to stay attractive in marriage

lose the extra fat as a couple

It is every newlywed’s dream to live happily ever after. And as time flies you see your waistline line grow and all you do is bemoan your weight and call yourself fat. The change is exaggerated when your friends and relatives start commenting. Ironically, you used to eat right and attend the gym in order to look stunning on your wedding day but not anymore. It’s interesting how most communities in Africa will judge marital bliss by how much weight gain happens after the wedding. ‘Growing fat’ is a sign of a providing husband, sexual gratification, peaceful mind, happiness and fertility. Well, a little gain can pass but you need to be careful not to harm your health. Women are expected to stay attractive and maintain shape because ‘men are visual beings’. Apparently, excessive weight gain among couples is contributing to extra-marital affairs, strained sexual relationships and in some cases difficulty in having children. You need not worry though if you can watch out for these fat traps.

He frequently comes home with treats.

You don’t buy them as part of your shopping but he regularly brings home crisps, cookies, cakes and chocolate. You know they’re loaded with calories and fat but when they’re in the house you cannot resist them.

Your slim strategy? Ask him to bring home more fruits to snack on such as apples, bananas or strawberries. And you can also do more with those (if you understand what I mean)

Your leisure time involves eating and drinking

Drinks at the pub, dinner with friends, popcorn as you watch a movie, coffee and cake while shopping etc. All these are now a part of your life as a couple.

Your slim strategy? Spend your leisure time being more active. Take morning or evening walks together, go for a swim or join the gym to burn those extra calories.

You eat the same amount as he does

Your portions are now man-sized and sometimes if he’s having a second helping, you do the same.

Your slim strategy? Reduce your portions of carbs and meat by 20% and you’ll cut a few calories. Fill the gap with more veggies, fruit and salads.

He disagrees when you moan you’re getting fat

Sure he’s noticed a few extra kilos but he doesn’t want to upset you by agreeing that your pot looks big in that dress. The trouble is as long as he keeps on dodging the issue, you won’t be motivated to shed off the kilos.

Your slim strategy? Burn the calories and put the spark back into your love life with regular weekly sessions of love-making and you’ll burn lots of calories each time.

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