20 questions to ask a house-help before hiring them

house-help from the village

Looking for a house-help can be a nerve wracking experience. Finding the right one is like hitting the jack pot. In fact each time a house-help leaves my house, I switch to prayer mode asking the Lord for a miracle. My most common source is asking my relatives in shags, then friends, and neighbors and when all this doesn’t work I call a bureau. For some reason I always prefer having someone who knows someone and where they come. But the house-help job is slowly evolving into a profession. So as a mum you also need to adjust to the standards. Let’s just say there’s no formula on where to find one but as the lady of the house, it’s important to have a list of interview questions to determine whether they are a right fit for your household or children. Here is my list. (You’ll have known their name and where they come from beforehand because this too Is important)


  1. Do you have an identity card?

  2. What salary are you asking for? (If it is not within your budget, please do not waste time asking the rest of the questions. You can move on to the next one. Do not put yourself in a bargaining position since it can work against you.

  3. What is your family situation? Find out if she’s married or a single mom and what the arrangement is like from her end

  4. Why did you leave your last three jobs? What was the situation like?

  5. Have you worked with children before?

  6. What’s your highest level of education? Very important so you can determine their reading and literacy abilities. You need someone who can read the medicine label of your baby’s drugs or help with the homework.

  7. Why do you like children?

  8. Do you have an approach towards handling childcare?

  9. What are some of the things you would do with a child this age? Find out about how creative she can be with children. You need someone your kids can engage and interact with.

  10. What are your feelings about discipline? Will she beat the kids, reprimand them or wait to report the matter?

  11. What are the bad things about your job? Allows you to gauge their attitude

  12. What kinds of parents don’t you like working for?

  13. How do you feel about me popping in at any time? If she’s uncomfortable then her character is questionable or find out why.

  14. I ask for something in a certain way and you think it’s the wrong way, what do you do?

  15. What are your strengths? And weaknesses?

  16. How much notice do you want to give or be given upon termination of employment?

  17. Do you have a criminal record or medical conditions you would like to disclose?

  18. If the baby vomits, has a fever or has slept and you can’t wake them up and you can’t reach the parents, what will you do? This is to find out her how fast she responds to situations.

  19. Do you have a phone? And if she has relatives that you can contact in case of any occurrence?

  20. Depending on her situation, let’s say she has children; ask her how often she wants to go on leave. You do not want to be inconvenienced at any time.

I’d be happy if you could post any other questions that you ask on the comment section below and if you find this content useful, kindly share.


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