Kid ate something strange? Here’s what to do.

kid, something strange

Kids are just curious beings and will put just about anything in their mouth. My son did lots of sand and cow dung L.O.L. I recently discovered that for them, the mouth is a major sensory organ. It doesn’t matter how well you scrub or disinfect the house – from floor to the ceiling, your adventurous tot will find something to eat at some point. According to scientists, children’s mouths are highly sensitive to sweet, sour, salty and bitter tastes. As frustrating as this may sound, it’s just part of growing up and will come to pass as they mature. i know this kind of behaviour isn’t at all amusing and you’re likely to spank or reprimand them. be assured, your little one will come to understand that it’s not acceptable

What if they put something in their mouth that’s dangerous???

I look into a few common examples and offer guidance on what you should do.

Insects /Worms

kid, something strange, millipede


If your child spends a lot of time out doors, chances are they will eat some sort of creature – ants, millipedes or worms. This is especially for kids at the age of 1-3 years.

The good news your Tod simply had an extra hit of protein that will be digested along with other food and pooped.

In case they have swallowed a hard part like the legs or wings, don’t worry because they’ll eventually poop. However, if you suspect they have swallowed a dangerous insect or creature, watch out for symptoms and go to a hospital for a check up.


Batteries contain corrosive agents and can cause serious problems that can lead to death. Most batteries can be passed through the system and excreted out. But if your child swallows any kind of battery, please consider it an emergency and rush them to hospital as soon as possible. DON’T ASSUME.

kid, something strange

Sand / Soil

it’s funny to watch a child munch a mouthful of soil or sand. Although it may be harmless, soil can pose several hazrds including

  • chemical contamination especially from metals like lead
  • harmful bacteria from sewage
  • parasites like roundworms from faeces

It is good for parents to take precaution in cases where

  • the home is close to a petrol station
  • the area is near a factorykid, something strange


I don’t really know what’s the fascination with poop. Kids often inspect and eat dog, cat, chicken, goat, cow and even their own poo. Especially if they come across it in the garden (weird!) poop is relatively harmless but it may contain bacteria and parasites. If you catch them in the act, breathe, then wash mouth and hands immediately. Watch out for symptoms such as diarrhoea or stomach pain. In case of cat poop, look out for fever, swollen glands or rashes.


Depending on the size of a coin, these are likely to pass through the gut. This means you are likely to find it in the stool. But just to be safe from harm, I’d recommend going to hospital for an X-ray to help determine if the coin is still lodged somewhere or if it has passed through the intestinal tract. Sometimes children of that young age will be too scared to admit they have swallowed a coin but you can watch out for these warning signs. Should your child show any of these symptoms, take action immediately:

  • excessive drooling
  • difficulty in swallowing
  • noisy breathing or wheezing
  • blood in the stool

kid, something strange

Household Detergents or Medicines

If your child has chewed, drunk or swallowed any household detergent, bleach or medicine, no matter the quantity, seek medical advice immediately. DO NOT make them vomit, drink water or milk unless directed by the doctor. Make sure you have the following information:

  • What was ingested? Carry medicine bottle or a label if you can
  • How much was ingested?
  • The age of your child and weight
  • What is the behaviour or reaction after the incident?

Do you have an experience on something strange your baby or toddler has ever swallowed? We’ll be happy to hear what it was like for you.

Say something in the comment box below.

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