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Bible verses your family can meditate on during exam season

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Hello Parents

It’s that time of the year for the main exam season. It’s exciting and at the same time nerve wracking. You have seen your once preschooler mature into a tween. Now you look forward to escorting them to form one in perhaps a big school. And if they’ve been through the four years of high school, you’re looking forward to see them take the next big leap at life – the University. I may not be close to reaching there but have my nephews or nieces tell me there about to take on the exam. There’s the anxiety of meeting their expectations and that of their parents as well.

The most important thing for parents to do during this season is to provide the  much needed encouragement and be prayer warriors on behalf of their children. It’s not the time to give advice such as ‘work hard’ or ‘revise your notes’. That time is up. It’s that time when you become a cheerleader by saying encouraging words like, ‘I know God is on your side.’ ‘You’ll make it or ‘No matter the grade you get; I’ll not love you any less’. We have heard of horrendous stories of kids committing suicide or suffering bouts of depression. The devil is a liar! As I thought of writing this post, I reflected on what words from the word of God can any parent claim from God’s promises concerning our children. Claiming God’s promises over our lives takes away the worry and keeps our faith leaned on Him.  Here are ten bible verses that we can reflect on during the exam season.

Assurance of the Lord’s Backing

Isn’t it wonderful to know that the Lord is with your children more than you can even imagine?

exam season

Jeremiah 20:11

Assurance of a stress free time

Your kids have done a lot of reading and memorising and this can prove to be so stressful. It’s now time to plug in their belief in God into the whole process.

exam season

Hebrews 11:1

A prayer for overcoming fear

Exams can be easy or tough and the outcomes can go either way. Replacing fear with faith can assure their belief that all things are possible with God.

exam season

Isaiah 41:10

Overcoming anxiety

it so assuring for children to know that God cares for them and about them in all seasons.

exam season

!st Peter 5;7

Trusting in God wholly

Your child needs to put their trust in God and not on themselves.This shift in energy gives them a chance to meditate on a mighty God.

exam season

Proverbs 3:5

Believing the impossible

This is assuring that God can grant our children success in spite of the past record of performance. Just trust Him.

exam succcess

Luke 1:37

An assurance of success

All God’s children have been assured of victory in al facets of life because of Christ’s finished work on the cross. How about reminding our precious candidates that? It’s such a confidence booster.

exam success

Psalms 118:25

An assurance of God’s glory

As you pray for your children during this season, do allow all the glory to go back to Him and not the school, teacher or child. Also remind yor children in the end ‘hard work pays’.

exam season

Romans 8:18

An assurance for a good future

Life does not stop with exams. Your children need to have the assurance that their life’s plan and purpose is in God’s good hands.

exam season

Jeremiah 29:11

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