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Children’s hobbies and what you need to know


Hello fellow parent,

Is your child always looking forward to colouring, or making model planes or cooking mud? If the answer is yes, then they may have an interest or are trying to exercise their hobbies. The importance of a hobby in a child’s life cannot be ignored or brushed away.

A hobby can help shape their personality, promote self expression or even give your child a sense of purpose.

And yes there are several benefits i’ll share with you today on why hobby development should be taken seriously by parent no matter how old your kids are.

Rest and Relaxation

We all need an outlet. Children are not an exception. They need at least an interest to pursue outside of school activities. Having a hobby particularly a sporty one helps children to relax and get away from the rush and routines of school all the while giving them space to channel out their energy.


Mental Well-being

Children between 4-17 can suffer anxious moments. Having a hobby gives them the chance to lose themselves to an enjoyable activity while supporting their mental health. This confidence helps them meet new people and make new friends.

Ignites Creativity

Poetry, singing, story writing, drawing, car making are all hobbies which release creativity. Creative hobbies make children to use their imagination, visualise concepts, create new ideas and problem solve. By kids making something that’s their own allows for freedom of expression.


Sharpens Intelligence

I am yet to come across a parent who doesn’t want an intelligent family of children or at least didn’t admire an intelligent child somewhere. Reading a book for example will increase your child’s vocabulary or spelling skills or even focus on a story. Them playing board games encourages them to think fast and efficiently while being positively involved with another person.

Promotes Team Building

Sporty hobbies helps your child to learn team skills such as respect, kindness and good sportsmanship. It  may also help:

  • develop team spirit and leadership within captain roles
  • not to boast about achievement but to share success with team members
  • learn healthy competition
  • to have fun and not focus only on winning

Nurtures Skills

By nurturing your child’s interest or passion, you are giving them the opportunity to do what they love to do and stick to it. Who knows, your child may be love drawing so much and consider art as a career. So if you notice your child likes to sing, let them. Instead work on their skill and have them attend voice or music classes as and if you can afford. You can also encourage them to join the church choir or the school choir. The most important thing is to work with your child’s strengths and talents.

Discovering your child’s hobbies is easy.


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