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My 2019 breakfast guide for busy school mornings


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take my family’s breakfast routine more seriously. I’m a healthy eater in general, but there’s something about breakfast and the mad scramble of early morning and getting my son off to school that makes breakfast always feel like an afterthought. I take whatever is available – leftovers from the night before, a slice of bread, a mandazi by the roadside, a packet of milk or a piece of fruit. While it fills me temporarily, I often find myself hungry within an hour. Luckily I will settle down for my tea break at work and have a more filling breakfast. But what about the rest of the family? I know healthy eating habits are created over time — and reinforcing those lessons with healthy choices will lead to lifelong habits. I discovered protein at breakfast helps everyone start the morning with energy and focus, which can also help children perform their best in the classroom. Now that my son is doing a full day at school, (he’s in grade one this year … yeah!) I don’t want to be worrying myself over his or my family’s nutritional needs hence my resolution to make natural protein fuel us for the day ahead. With this in mind, here’s what I’m doing in 2019:


Stocking up my kitchen and food cupboard with nutritious breakfast options, like long life milk. You may be wondering, ‘why go for long life milk?’. That’s because it requires no refrigeration for up to six months meaning once I plan for the Njaa-nuary  (Another name for January, a month perceived for penniless time) and the next 11 months’ shopping, my stock is sure to last me the whole term. Awesome.



I’m packing backpacks and lunches the night before. If I have to wake up, prepare the breakfast and the family too, there are things I am bound to forget – like packing up the bags and lunch. This time I’m doing it the night before after all ‘If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.’


Getting the family up 10 minutes earlier. After the long holidaying, (which i am still adjusting)  I know  I’ll be singing the popular nursery rhyme ‘Lazy Jezzy will you get up!’ more often.  So getting the year to an energetic start will require me to make some adjustments to the alarm clock.



Sharing breakfast planning and preparation with the family. This is to avoid the usual monotony of bread and tea whereas I could have a totally fresh input to breakfast like porridge and cereals and I could add in milk’s nutritional punch.

TIP: Long Life milk comes naturally packed in a TETRA PAK ensuring it’s safe as it has no added preservatives and contains essential nutrients which stays fresh for months like calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A. With an affordable price tag and a whole bunch of nutrition, Long Life milk definitely deserves a spot in your shopping cart in 2019.


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