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Is your home a poison free haven?

Our homes should be the safest havens we can provide for our growing children but ironically store poisonous substances such as medicines, sedatives, household products , garden and car products

The major trouble spots include:

  • Kitchen where we can find bleach, insecticide, cleaning agents, kerosene and charcoal chips
  • Bathroom where we can find the laundry and body soaps, shampoos and cleaning agents
  • Toilet where we store disinfectants, deodorant blocks and toilet cleaners
  • Bedrooms where we find perfumes, nail polish and removers, moth balls, aerosols and batteries
  • I’ll share a few helpful tips to prevent poisoning accidents in your home


Know your child

I am a mom to a preschooler and any mom with children between 6 months and 4 years explore most stuff with their mouth. At this age, they are unable to distinguish between odors and are likely to swallow harmful substances

Be Alert

Look out for attractively packaged products that look harmless. Remember some may read caution such as aerosols but children cannot read such warnings.

Be careful

Especially when visiting other homes where you may not be aware of the surrounding

Lock up

Lock up all medicines and potentially dangerous household products. Don’t be cheated that the shelf is too high they cannot reach. Children can e inquisitive and will climb if they have to.

Always make sure you replace caps on medicine bottles. Syrups for kids are usually sweet and children may be tempted to drink up.


Never store harmful products like kerosene in soda/juice or vegetable oil bottles. Children attribute objects to what they are familiar with. They can get confused and may drink up the contents thinking it soda or juice.

Separate cleaning agents with food.

Information is power

Please parents don’t tell your young ones that medicine tablets are sweets. You never know when the craving will strike.

Empower your caregiver by letting them know what’s dangerous in your home. Let your house help or siblings or whoever is being left with the child where everything should be stored. If you can, teach basic first aid tips in case of an accident and supply them with an emergency number to call when an accident happens.

Make sure they understand the instruction on the medicine labels to avoid overdosing. If unsure, write it down for them just to make sure it’s visible enough.

Teach your children not to eat or drink from cans or bottles lying around


Empty left over syrups in the sink and wash out the empty bottles before putting it in the dustbins. Flush pills down the toilet or wash them down the drain. Throw away all bottles previously containing bleaches, car oils etc. in an air tight bag.

I sure hope this few tips will keep poison accidents at bay. Prevention is better than cure so share this information with as many mums as you can.



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