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Confused about leaving the workplace to become a stay-at home mum in 2017?

A friend of mine quit work last week to take care of business and her baby was that business. She spent some valuable time with her daughter over the Christmas holidays and she had taken some time to think about it. She felt she could care for her young one( instead of relying on a househelp entirely)and still follow her passion for travel. She gave in her resignation and that was it. Truth be told, caring for children is a responsibility to uphold and a privilege to enjoy. Children are not tasks to be performed but people to be loved. They are special individuals to be nurtured with tenderness, patience, and care. Raising your children is about serving, loving, and doing for others. It’s about storing up treasures that can never fade. And you know what? When you focus on others and truly love them more than yourself, you get those very things you thought you’d lost—confidence, security, respect, and peace. No regrets.

So think about this…

This is the only job in which you are irreplaceable.

Let’s be honest. There aren’t many jobs on this planet that someone else can’t do. In fact, one of the lessons in the corporate world is, “Everyone is expendable. Never forget it.” The goal is to make yourself so valuable that you can’t be let go, but that is really a myth. You can always be let go. Someone is always behind you, ready and willing to kick you out. There is always an uneasy sense of insecurity in all jobs. Will I fail and get fired? Will someone better than me come along and replace me? Will the company fold and I lose my job? Am I doing enough to impress the boss? Is there ever real “job security”?

The great thing about staying at home is you have the best job security in the world. No one can replace you. A housegirl can only do so much. So can a teacher. The fact is, there is only one mom and one dad. And you can mess up in many ways, but you will always be the parent of your children.

You have the opportunity to develop a new kind of expertise.

Moms who stay at home are experts on their children. This is probably one advantage to staying at home that those who work full time can’t easily share. It’s difficult to become an expert on your child when you are gone most of the time. When other people are feeding, dressing, driving, coaching, and educating your children, they are the experts, not you. You can catch up a little in the evenings and weekends—if you make the time. But it is difficult to actually be an expert on your children when you aren’t fully engaged in their lives.

You are developing parenting and home management skills

While much is unique to my home and my family, there are general skills I’ve learned that I can pass on to others. Older women have much they can give to younger women who are raising children. They have a lifetime of wisdom to pass on about how to manage staying at home and tending to their family’s needs. This wisdom—this expertise—is of great worth. When you start to complain loss of skills or opportunities in the workplace, remind yourself of how much you can learn and the skills you’ll develop as a mom and wife.

You will have peace because you’re not torn between a job and home.

Working full time and trying to parent is hard. You’re constantly torn and frustrated. Some women have more help than others—through extended family and husbands who are more involved at home. But many don’t. They’re emotionally and physically exhausted, and they feel guilty when they have to leave a sick child at home or can’t attend a school event. Women who have to work and can’t stay home have learned to deal with this reality, but they are often the first to admit that they wished they didn’t have to make this choice. They’re torn. Many wish they had more peace in their lives and could just stay home. So you sure are blessed.

You will know your children in an intimate way that will enrich your life.

To know someone, you need to spend time with them. Children too often become a duty to perform and not people we get to know. By staying at home, you are able to be with your kids as they grow and change from day to day. You get to know them in every stage.


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