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You too should sleep like a baby!

Are you or your children struggling to settle into a goodnight’s sleep after along day of work or school?
The foundation to a good night’s sleep is more than the mattress. Here are few ways to build your comfort zone from the bottom up from your bed to the bedroom that takes you to cloud nine.

Change your mattress and pillows

Buy a firm mattress such as high density mattress to support your body and back while sleeping.  Give your mattress a rotation once in a while to reduce every day wear and tear.

Pillow tip: select a pillow designed to support your back based on the way you sleep


Invest in luxurious bedding

Choose pure cotton sheets that are super soft or extra smooth in all your favourite colours to complement your duvets and quilts.  Second hand options may be slightly budget friendly with pure cotton sheet pairs ranging from kshs 1400 – 3000. A pair of new sheet in decor shops and leading supermarkets fall in the range of kshs 5,000 – 10,000 a pair.

Get it cozy

Add a soft touch by incorporating plenty of rugs, eye-catching pillows, curtains, a side drawer, fresh bunch of flowers or a lamp stand.


Get the right window covers

You either need super dark curtains to block out light from outside in  or lighter fabrics to let morning sunshine in to wake you up. Discover what suits your sleep patterns best and adjust your window covers accordingly.

Give your bedroom some character

Your bedroom is the one room in your house where you spend at least 6-8 hours a day (about 1/3rd) of your life in. It’s the last room you see before you retire and the first you wake up to. Make improvements such as having your favorite scents, soft patterns or lighting to set a good enough mood for sleep

Get comfortable colorfully

Switch to colours that support you to sleep. To achieve a calming, peaceful place to fall asleep into, avoid warm colours such as reds, oranges and bright yellows. Likewise, if you sleep like a rock and need something to jolt you awake in the mornings, avoid too soft or quiet hues such as baby blues or purples.


Dim those lights

Play around with different light and bulbs in order to achieve the right level and type of lighting that will get you relaxed into sleeping. You could also purchase scented candles.

Clean up

Keep away the mess of clothes off the floor into a laundry bin instead. Air any dirty smell shoes that may get in the way to enjoying your sleep. Make your bedroom dust free by spring cleaning the windows, the bed boards, the floors and curtains every so often.

Once all else is said and done, enter rest by ending your day in prayer.


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