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Here’s the good skin diet that made me acne free

Diet plays a key role in maintaining skin health and keeping acne away. I didn’t believe at first but I read lots about different foods and the healing benefits to the skin. I combined this diet with my current skin care regimen – I use the Oriflame Pure Skin range – and i’m really amazed by the results. My skin is not only glowing but looks and feels healthy. If the saying ‘beauty is skin deep’ is anything to go by, I would urge any lady suffering from adult acne to give this a try.


Eating lots of Omega 3 in your diet helps break collagen – a skin firming protein that in turn provides skin its elasticity and prevents fine lines. Foods rich in Omega 3 include: Avocadoes, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, cod liver oil, and spinach and egg yolk. There are other sources but these are readily available in food and health shops in the city. Eat at least two servings of fish a week and at least 2 spoons of nuts and seeds daily


VITAMINS A&C counter skin cell damaging radicals in your body. Vitamin A reduces inflammation and encourages cell turnover therefore reducing bbreakfast-1425705_1920reakouts of whiteheads and black heads. These foods include: sweet potatoes, kale, carrots, butternuts, mangoes, and cantaloupe melon-the green ones

Remember: Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, and therefore, needs to be consumed with fat in order to have optimal absorption.

Vitamin C promotes a radiant skin from inside out and helps blemishes heal properly. Foods rich in Vitamin C include: apples, oranges, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and beet roots.


Cruciferous vegetables, which include purple and green cabbage, Sukuma wiki, broccoli, cauliflo
wer, watercress, chard and Brussels sprouts, contain a number of Sulphur compounds, which can support detoxification of the liver. They also help balance a woman’s hormone levels and so can help prevent breakouts around that time of the month.



Blend, steam or juice them for excellent results.



White breads, pasta, sweetened, cereal and white rice which break down fat requiring your body to release extra insulin inflammation. True to my word, I realized I began suffering eczema and constant breakouts until I began changing my diet to whole meal bread, brown ugali and rice and my journey to change began


Dairy foods especially cow’s milk which contains a hormone called IGF-1 which signals skin cells to produce more sebum resulting to acne. Go for options such as soymilk or goat milk. I also happened to cut down sausages and smokies from my diet since they contain monosodium gluconate as a preservative resulting in my skin allergies. I now enjoy a better glowing skin.




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