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Love your pout this Jan with these quick fixes

Maintaining hydrated, supple lips can be challenging in the hot dry weather. I know too well the papery feeling of dry, chapped lips- and the flaky effect after the lipstick. From my research, I discovered that lip skin has 3-5 layers compared to the rest of the body and it contains no protective layers of sweat and oil. I’ll share a few tips I have tried on how you too can rescue your lips.

  1. Drinking a lot of water plays a role in keeping your skin soft and supple. Limit spicy, salty and citrusy foods as they’re known to dry out lips.
  2. Licking your lips is a no-no. As the saliva evaporates, it draws moisture out of your lips, causing them to dry out even faster.
  3. Use lip balms that seal in moisture and help to keep your lips hydrated regularly throughout the day such as shea butter, coconut, jojoba or almond oils
  4. If you are a lipstick person like myself, you can prevent chapped lips from developing overnight by applying lip balm before going to be
  5. And maybe if your condition is serious, you can switch to a non-fragrance version. It could be you are allergic to an ingredient in the product.

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