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Say goodbye to beauty products you’ve been using like forever. Seriously!


I understand that beauty and skin care products are super expensive (yep). I know how all you lovely Kenyan ladies spend about 4,000 bob and that is if you are looking to having basic quality products and we can hang on to them for ages. I used to but not anymore. These products can prove harmful to your skin and overall health.  Here’s a basic guide of determining what goes to the bin and what stays in your closet or make up bag.

Skin Care


Lip balms- use for 1 year

Cleanser- use for 1 year

Moisturizers and serums – use for 6 months to 1 year

Toners – use for 1 year

Sample packets – use for 1 day



Cream, liquid or stick foundations and concealers – use for 1 year

Powder based products – 2-3 years

Lipsticks, lip gloss and pencils – use for 2-3 years

Mascara (regular or water proof) – use for 4-6 months

Liquid, pencil or gel eyeliners – use for 4-6 months

Remember to:

  • Look at the expiry dates on your products
  • Wash your hands before using products to avoid contaminating your skin
  • Keep make up brushes clean
  • Avoid storing skin care products in the fridge
  • Don’t store products in direct sunlight like next to the window sill
  • Avoid sharing. For beauty products, sharing isn’t caring.

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