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Lady, you deserve some good support! 

It’s obvious I enjoy the business I’m in. I sell bras and panties and I must commend whoever designed the bra. Because it has the power to transform a droopy bust into a bouncy, glorious wonder. Interestingly 70% of women of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This not only makes for an uncomfortable and unflattering look, it also poses serious health problems. It is therefore important to have your breast size measured every few months, since size fluctuates. Knowing your size, cup shape and style as recommended strap size, will ensure your goodies are fully supported and comfortable. Cup sizes vary from A, AA, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H with waist sizes from 30 inches to 46 inches.

Features of an Excellent Supportive Bra:

  • Support must be from beneath the breast, rather than supported by the shoulder straps.
  • There must be no pressure to redirect the breast and restrict circulation.
  • The support should be firm enough to support the breast during walking and other motion.
  • The bra should be constructed of soft fabric, custom-fitted to each woman’s size and configuration. There should be no wires or stays to gouge or bruise delicate tissue.
  • The breast position should be supported so the point of the breast is halfway between shoulder and elbow.
  • The best supportive bras have an inner support triangle that positions and supports the breast.

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