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Here’s a good read – Poetic confessions from a cheating husband


Dear mpango wa kando, I hope this finds you well,

Take a seat as you Read this letter,

And before you say a word,

Know that the same sand that melts the wax,

Also hardens the clay!

I met you the other day,

And I admit in your charm I overdosed

But I never kept my two eyes completely closed!

Dear mpango wa kando,

Whenever we met in expensive hotels,

Through the shiny forks and glass plates,

I could see my wife feeding my children

I could see her checking the clock and getting worried,

Her heart was racing fast,

I could see drops of tears

Dripping from the corners of her eyes

And soaking the pillow that she tightly held on,

When the clock struck midnight!

Dear mpango wa kando,

Whenever we went for picnics

And kissed by the waterfall,

Through the reflection of the crystal clear waters,

I could see her picking the children from school,

Icould see her making tea

I could see tears swelling in her eyes

As she watched the tea getting cold

Dear mpango wa kando,

Whenever we spent the night at your place,

Through your face that shone bright after a night of steamy sex,

I could see her applying for a loan to pay our house rent,

I could see her getting our children new pairs of shoes,

I could see her passing by the supermarket to get my favorite cologne,

Hoping I come home soon.

Dear Mpango wa kando,

I can’t see you anymore,

I am going back to my wife,

I am going back to she whose love is pure,

She who has stood by me through thick and thin,

The mother of my children,

For through the tears in my wife’s eyes,

I could see the love inside her,

You are just a passing wind.

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