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7 reasons why you should take you family out hiking during the holidays

Do you sit and complain there’s no budget for fancy family holidays overseas or do the same old stuff like going to Mombasa or the mall for brunches?
I discovered hiking is one of those leisure activities you can enjoy during the Easter break or better still make a habit as regular as your cup of tea and here’s why:

It’s healthy

Imagine you’re on Ngong hills or climbing Mt. Longonot breathing in crisp, fresh air. You’ll also be getting Vitamin D from the sun which is good for your bones and teeth. Plus the sun’s energy just makes you feel great.

It’s cheap

They are a few fun things that are actually free and hiking is one of them . You can look for a location in your ‘shagz’ and have fun discovering or you can hike Longonot and Ngong hills where you may pay a small amount of fee but still is cheap

It’s adventurous

Escape from the ordinary and you’ll discover adventure is out there. Hiking is a wonderful opportunity to meet other people who may end up being your friends or networks, see wild animals, spot birds, butterflies, get caught in some crazy weather perhaps or notice hidden ruins… the possibilities are endless

It’s creative

Hiking is great if you need inspiration. While you’re walking your mind starts to wander and you may come up with an answer to a question, think up new ideas or resolve marital/parenting issues. Your kids also get to learn how to navigate through a tough climb

It’s picture perfect

Taking photos in the backdrop of beautiful scenery is going to be a family memory for keeps. If not for the love of outdoors, do it for your Facebook or Instagram posts

It’s a great form of exercise

It’s a nice way to keep you and your kids off tv and digital gadgets and get exercising. IN this day and age exercise must be one of those deliberate efforts you make. Lots of stretching happens as you focus on scenic views making you lose a few kilos on the climb

It’s a great way to bond

You’ll definitely see the other side of your child or spouse in an activity, under hardship or pressure which you may not discover at home. No matter how long you’ve been married, you’re still discovering the other person and hiking is one of those great ways. You children too get to appreciate that mom and dad are human in such circumstances. Invite a relative, friend or neighbor to join in and you can be more than assured of having a great experience



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