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Life’s like football you’ve got to have goals

A game of soccer is determined by matches and so does life. We only have two choices: to make a living or design a life. They could be small dreams or lofty expectations but setting goals allows you to plan how you want to move through life. I know some achievements will take a lifetime to attain, while others can be completed in short spans. I have made my wish list which I’ll keep updating from time to time based on need and accomplishment.

To Do:

  • Start a blog (I have)
  • To write and publish books
  • Walk the red carpet
  • Have a TV show and be screen writer
  • Be a backup artist like how it is in live concerts
  • Farm a kitchen garden of tomatoes, dhanias, spinach, sukuma wiki etc. i wouldn’t mind having fruits as well something like a hanging garden
  • Play actively in a girl sporting team


To Learn

  • Roller board skating
  • Ballet dancing and gymnastics
  • Animation most likely in Malaysia
  • How to milk a cow
  • How to slaughter a chicken properly
  • Study Economics and Political science


To go

  • Snorkeling in Malindi or the Seychelles
  • Visit the great wall of China
  • Visit the pyramids of Egypt
  • Trekking across the Sahara
  • Cruising to the Americas or Far East
  • Climbing Mt. Kenya and the Kilimanjaro
  • Take a pilgrimage to Israel
  • Take my son to Disneyland



  • An activist for women’s and children’s rights
  • A collector of antiques
  • Become a cartoon voice artist
  • Retire in a ranch somewhere in the Kenyan highlands
  • Become a size 12 down from 16


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