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Top 5 behaviour traits that describe modern day mothers

Top 5 behaviour traits of Modern day mothers

Modern day mothers are apparently much older, more experienced, more educated, more mature and savvier than ever before, who unlike our mothers were married young, inexperienced and bore children by age 20. It’s a good thing right? I fall in this category of modern day mothers and from experience; I have discovered these 5 behavioral traits cut across the modern mother figure demographic whether they are raising their children in the city or the village. I am sure by reading this post, you couldn’t agree more.(except for point no 3 which isn’t so cut in stone but still holds true).

This is obvious.

Your phone’s gallery has albums full of your baby’s photos. You’ve documented their first day on earth, their first smile, sitting, step, christening and more. You’ll hardly find any other photos. You and hubby make the odd appearance in a few of the photos

You worry all the time.

You worry about giving baby quality time. Should you go back to work? Do you breast feed longer? Where do you get a good house help from? Will you hire a nanny or do daycare? Are you consulting the best pediatrician? Are the toys age specific? Is your child developing well? I mean, this list is never ending…

Your body hasn’t quite gone back to your girly-still single days.

You’ve ballooned from a sexy size 12 to a curvaceous size 16 with extra flab on the side because your body has succumbed to the weight of child birth. You are less likely to accept all the fat on you so you consider sacrificing baby time or sleep to get down to the gym.

Me time is a right and not a luxury.

Our mothers and grandmothers did all the child rearing single-handedly but we modern day mothers see time off be it once a week or an hour in a day as a necessity. As a result , it becomes such a relief giving your house girl the baby to catch on some sleep, or watch a movie or make that call to your girl for some gossip catch up.

Your mama friends act as back up for information or baby stuff.

If you forget to pack a spoon, toys, diapers (I’ve actually done that) one of your amazing mama friends is bound to have extra. Same case applies to parenting information on allergies, diets, medicines, clothes, activities and more. You‘ll tend to rely heavy on other mums around you. On the contrary our own mums relied heavily on older women like aunties or mothers-in-law for advice. Yep, the modern day mothers imagine to themselves that older women do not live in these times.

Are there any other traits you know of that are characteristic to modern day mothers? Please share below.

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