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5 things I wish new dads knew about new mums

5 things new dads should know about new mums

New mums also experience their fair share of ups and downs right after birth. Reason being that new mums have to adjust to new body changes, take on a new role that’s life changing, have societal responsibilities, go through emotional insecurities, get fatigued and more that most never anticipated. It is also little wonder that your spouse may not fill in the gap as well as you imagined. He’s a new dad too. I have borrowed experiences from other women and myself to point out 5 tips that can help new dads offer post birth support to these new mums’ realities.

She doesn’t feel attractive

Why? Because her clothes don’t fit. The body is flabby instead of the former fab especially around the waist, bust, hands and hips and she is constantly leaking. Please new dad, make a point of telling her she is beautiful and remind what a great mum she is. Comforting words can soothe a new mother more than you’ll ever know.

She will take out her frustration on you

Babies are tiny sweet angels (Awwhh♥♥♥) but over and above the cute giggles and chubby cheeks, there are the sleepless nights, constant diaper changes, breast feeds and crying on end that can get on anyone’s nerves. As a new mum, you’ll always do your best not to get angry with your baby so the frustration is likely to land on you, Daddy. Help as much as you can, communicate with her and encourage your wife daily. Remember, this too will pass so don’t give up.

You might feel like a third wheel

New mums can get obsessed with the baby, just let her be. It’s her first time with new experiences and she’s awed by seeing this tiny precious human being. It’s natural to keep checking on the baby regularly, to question every cry and to keep staring at her baby at length. You might feel ignored for a while but the more you show love through acts of service, she’ll appreciate you more.

She wants to be protected

New dads can make the home a comfortable, safe space even if it means cutting down on the number of visitors from your friends to relatives especially in the first few days of birth. She needs to know you are sensitive about her recovery and that your home is guarded against major events happening around her.

She won’t always know what she wants

Brace yourself! I mean she has just given birth and her body is going through major physical and hormonal changes. One of the best ways is asking her what she needs exactly. And even when she does not know, offer something to eat or drink like a mug of cocoa, a foot rub or take the baby for a while so she can rest.


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