Cholera attacks! Shield your home from it. This is how.

Cholera cases are on the rise. With most people falling victim to hotels and food kiosks, your home is not an exception. The long dry spells have doomed us to the mercies of water supply companies who ration water and only make it available on a timetable or at will. With water becoming a basic commodity in our homes, most families have no option but to buy from sources containing contaminated water. I offer some practical ways which can ultimately improve the quality of household stored water and hence reduce risks of the deadly diarrheal disease.

Water management tips to employ in your home

Clean water is no good if stored in a dirty container

Clean your containers thoroughly and  regularly.

Always replace fresh water from the municipal tap

Disinfect your water supply with appropriate dose of bleaching powder with 33% available chlorine.

Insects, animals, dirt, or debris that carry disease-causing organisms can  contaminate water

 Cover water vessels at all times or use a screw cap or spigot used to seal bottles.

Do not top up containers with clean water

Wait until your water vessels or containers are empty. Ensure that they are clean and disinfected prior to refilling. The time that water is stored should also be minimised

Avoid putting hands (dipping) and dirty utensils into a water container

This can contaminate the water.

Use separate containers for mixing water guard

Separate containers used for mixing water treatments such as chlorinating tablets or water guards.

Cracked or broken water containers should be discarded

Lastly, Boil, Boil, Boil your drinking water!

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