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‘A woman’s place is in the kitchen’ – enliven yours

A popular African proverb often passed on to girls from a young age states that ‘ a woman’s place is in the kitchen’. However, most rented houses in Nairobi and Kenyan urban centers today come in small to medium spaces living very little for those of us who love big kitchens. But what can one do?  I realized that therein lies an opportunity for me to accessorize my small kitchen that reflects my style. Here are some ideas that you too can borrow.

  1. Add a splash of paint to a wall or cabinets 

Unlike before where landlords insisted on having white as the standard, you can now break the rules as long as you restore the house to its original state. My favorite colours to for kitchens include green, blue, turquoise, white, black and red.

furniture-1151175_1920 (1)

  1. Curtains will allow you to see your windows in a different light 

Infuse patterns and colour through your window treatments. Go to a good fundi who can work well with different materials to create a design that flatters your windows.


  1. Mix, not match your appliances 

Appliances are yet another creative way to inject colour and interest to the overall look of your kitchen. You can opt to buy appliances in hues that blend with either the walls or curtains but pick one statement piece to blend in with.


  1. Place small plant bowls by the kitchen window.

It your choice to either plant flowers, onions, herbs like rosemary or mint or even get a few bonsai plants from flower stockists.


  1. Accessorize your space with utensil racks, caddies and movable storage cabinets

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  1. Add an element of fresh with a bowl of fruits


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