Healthy Eyes: Taking good care of your children’s eyesight

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I believe parents should care about achieving healthy eyes and vision as an important part of their kids’ development. I suffered a lot in my teens with constant headaches and short nearsightedness because i could not read the board. When i had to get prescription glasses, they either got broken or stolen and my parents would threaten not to get me a pair. So far, i have had to undergo an open operation for keratoconus and i’m learning to work with hard contact lenses and glasses for reading. I honestly feel lucky to have so much information on vision problems at my fingertips. Reality hit home when on one of my appointments the doctor mentioned how saddening the situation was for patients who had lost their sight as adults – most for vision problems that began in their childhood. For most of these patients, eyeglass prescriptions were the order of the day until their power could sustain them no more. I’m often disturbed at the number of children who experience eye problems from an early age but often get misdiagnosed or ignored because of little information on eye issues or eye health available to parents. Here’s a simple info-graphic to begin understanding your child and their vision.eye health, vision, eye health in kids

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